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About Us

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Welcome to Dgtech, your trusted digital marketing partner. We are experts in helping businesses of all sizes harness the potential of the digital world to achieve their goals. With the help of our skilled team, we develop specialized tactics that drive engagement, increase online visibility and deliver measurable results. We have the knowledge to enhance your brand and connect with your target audience, from search engine optimization and web design to video production, business profile development and content creation. Explore the potential of digital marketing with Dgtech. Contact us now to realize your online potential.

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Diyana Azhari


Ali Nahavandi

Art Director

Nik Ridwan

Senior Graphic Designer

Adam Hafiz

Marketing Executive
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MyDGTech is a leading technology company that provides innovative solutions to help companies with their digital transformation. Discover how our innovative products and services are crafted to address intricate business hurdles and elevate operational effectiveness. Reach out to us today to delve deeper into the solutions we offer for your business.

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